Our Strong Points

With several payroll software being available on the market you are confused what to choose. You may be thinking to yourself that in the end, the payroll process remains the same across all solutions. So how will you choose which solution is the best for you?Our recommendation is to choose the software that gives you the most value for the money you are paying and the one that alleviates the entire process, giving you more time for the things you enjoy doing. To make the choice easier for you, here are some LEAP highlights you may have missed:

• Access LEAP Securely, anywhere, any time.
• Easy to use. Zero training required, even though its available if necessary.
• Easily import employee and payroll data from your old / current payroll system.
• Backed by Award-winning support!
• Accelerate your work throughout the whole payroll process.
• No Setup Fees
• Pay only for what you use

We sincerely believe that LEAP is made for you. Not sure yet? Book your free demo with a LEAP specialist today.

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