Let’s talk business … cards.

Being a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution, we have invested heavily to ensure that your data is stored securely while giving you the incredible facility to safely access LEAP and run your payroll from anywhere around the world, through any device that has an internet connection.  LEAP requires no installations, no hardware investment and no setup fees.  You can literally be up and running within 5 minutes from the moment you get started!

600 years ago, visiting cards were used to announce the holder’s desire to visit the person or household wherein the visiting card was deposited.

600 years later very little has really changed. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, these visiting cards started to be called business cards and any self-respecting business had to have them as a reminder of what they manufactured or did, where they were based and other information that might be useful to the possible clients.

Today, in an age where technology reigns supreme many of us still persist to retain the use of a defunct tool in a still very much existent practice – the giving out of paper business cards. Little do we realise that there are options which will not only help the planet we live in, and give our children the possibility of a better future, but reduce costs and make us look, how shall we say it … Snazzy!

Having established the snazziness of our gleaming new product, at ISB Technologies we would like to

explain why we believe that this concept will take your business to a better standing amongst your

competition and give you that look that will definitely make your organisation look more contemporary and in line with the developments of modern technology.

Let’s talk convenience

At ISB Technologies, we believe that we have created one card to rule them all. A card which can be made in line with your brand guidelines and using material which you find most visually enticing. Do you like wood, metal or would a good quality plastic do for you? We have them all. Both the material and the design can be decided together with you, our client, and adapted to your specifications and requisites. We take your branding seriously. All you need is a login to the eCard portal to start using the physical card. Here you can define the details to be displayed on your profile. This card will give your clients all the information that you need to share through a simple tap on a mobile smartphone. Instantly all your profile information will transfer itself to the smartphone owner. Now its saved on your client’s phone and there are no multiple cards filling up every corner of their car and office or getting lost with time, losing valuable contacts in the process!


Let’s talk usefulness.

We also know, through our in-depth market research, and understand, that many businesses might go through high employee-turnovers. This can be a natural part of your business. Not all organisations depend on employees who have a high longevity at their place of work. Such a case would immediately put you at the forefront for needing such a card, together with its online perks.

Employee turnover is not the only reason for needing an eCard. In any organisation, employees change departments, roles and get promoted on a regular basis. Now imagine having to print hundreds of cards over and over again. The expense is not just untenable but this situation makes the recurring waste unimaginable and vastly inefficient to your business.  With our eCard, all it takes is to login to the online portal, and edit the profile details.  Voila! Tapping the same card will now start transferring the new contact details.

In comes our solution.

Most business cards can easily become obsolete with redundancies and/or promotions. Through ISB Technologies’ solution the employees’ profile and details are changed via a simple login to the online portal. An administrator of the client organisation, can enter the details of each employee and then the employees can update details as appropriate on their own profile. So basically, one card can contain all the information of an employee to the tiniest of detail. Again, something that cannot happen with traditional cards. At times, there is too much information, that cannot be fitted in a traditional paper card. Cost efficiency is at the forefront of this perk; which you will find out is not just a gadget, but a need, not a cute gimmick, but a must have!

Environment Conscious

Going green does not need to make you scream. The simple task to switching from paper to eCards will automatically mean that your green perspective takes a more important role in the running of your business. The world needs us. Our customers like us better when we show conscience. The simple switch from paper to eCards ensures a reduction of waste for your business and convinces your customers of your ongoing efforts to make a serious effort to ensure a greener world for our youth.


Efficient. Effective. Environment Friendly.

Trust is won not bought. We are proud to mention that we have been trusted by Maltese governmental ministries and governmental entities. Trusting us with rendering this service, the government has ensured more efficient and greener offices.

A large number of prominent real estate brands and organisations from various other industries have also committed to using this revolutionary technology.

Give us a call and be at the forefront of a growing transformation of current business patterns. Let us have a chat and show you the snazziness of our cards and the effectiveness of our service.