Standing out from the crowd

As a Payroll Bureau, you have very specific expectations from a payroll solution.  Unlike individual organizations, you are processing payroll in large volumes and this brings with it the need for a solution that is:


Robust & Reliable






Optimised for speed


Backed by impeccable support

During LEAP’s two years of research and development, we have worked in tandem with a number of reputable payroll bureaus to carefully understand their daily pains and desires.  The result is a payroll software that addresses your requirements.  LEAP’s architecture allows for scalability by design and has been stress-tested to ensure it performs well under load.  We understand that payroll is very periodic by nature and the system typically experiences heavy usage towards the end of the month.  We have worked hard to guarantee seamless performance for you and invite you to test it by requesting a free demo.  We are confident that you will love the results.

Inevitably, payroll deals with a very sensitive subject – people’s wages and salaries, therefore accuracy is vital.  As part of our quality assurance, we have run thousands of different test cases to ensure an accurate and reliable calculation.  Forget about double checking the system, you can focus on your main tasks, while LEAP executes the numbers.

Needless to say, with large volumes of runs, bureaus risk facing hefty licencing too.  We have designed a unique pricing model that undoubtedly favours bureaus.  Speak to our LEAP specialist to help you get the best pricing structure possible. Equally important as the right pricing, bureaus are after speed and efficiency.  LEAP is optimised to help you accelerate your payroll runs by providing you with a number of bulk operations including bulk salary adjustments, bulk overtime and leave operations.  Our CSV file upload for volume adjustments is making payroll runs a breeze and are now taking payroll masters a fraction of the time compared to other systems. Last but not least, as a payroll master, time is of the essence for you and therefore expect reliable and swift support.  Our support has done away with all the bureaucratic processes so that you and your support request are at the centre of our priority.  We have opened up multiple contact channels for your disposal and you can choose your preferred method of contact, including Phone, Email and Skype.

Does this sound like what you’ve been searching for?  We are eager to have you try LEAP and look forward to pleasantly surprise you.  Get in touch with our payroll specialists for a free demo today!